Four large oils completed during ‘Lockdown’ in my London studio between March 14th and June 23rd 2020.

After returning from Miami and Jamaica in mid February we were immediately alerted to the ‘world pandemic’that shook the world into a new beginning and a new imposed and necessary unchartered imprisonment.

What now became apparent was that I should continue working in isolation (not unusual for me as an artist as I always work alone).

Other than the inability to travel, little else changed other than not being able to mix with friends and relatives.

I found an unlikely inspiration in my necessary Amazon deliveries, the cardboard they use for their shipping I found of a superior quality and I began to use it as a material on which to paint.
The oil took to it beautifully without any priming or pre-painting to create textures that only became apparent upon experimentation.

With the further use of soft pastels and inks in combination together with collaged images I cut and selected from my backlog of prints (from previous paintings). Ideas were developing quickly. Exciting images began to appear.

The effect I had discovered from the small collage studies I transferred it to the larger oils with a trompe l’oeil presentation to give a painted collage effect.

Invented abstract shapes began to emerge as still life objects and their demanding presence offered a homage to the new ‘social distancing’ which surprisingly began to creep into the compositional structures and seemed to dominate the painting to give surreal effects.

These oils were all designed to highlight what I am missing in this ‘restricted visual vacuum’.

The titles also reflect the frustration I am feeling with the inability to spread my wings and travel to further exotic locations.

I have completed over 40 of the new small oils on recycled card motif pictures, which in retrospect would probably never have existed if not for the pandemic.

Positivity comes from experimentation and experimentation promotes excitement.