I was commissioned to travel to Malaysia last year by YTL hotels.

I spent the month of March ‘23 in Malaysia travelling to Kuala Lumpar, Malacca and Pangkor Laut.

Since I returned I have been working on a collection to epitomise the lifestyle, feeling and essence of this wonderful country.

My first impression was that the oils had to be large to encompass the landscape I wished to portray. I started working on several 150 x 150 cm canvas’s – these gave rise to further large oils and eventually to date I have a portfolio of over 30 oils of varying sizes (ten very large ones).

This collection will hopefully be exhibited in London in October this year along with my separate annual exhibition, which will also fall in October.

The oils I have created have a genuine feel of Malaysia exhibiting the wonderful light variations and varied landscapes that adorn Malaysia.

Andrew Hewkin 03.04.2024