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Baby Blue-LowRes

After returning from my exhibition in Barbados I have been working on several paintings based around ‘The Blues’ – I travelled up The Mississippi Delta and followed the Blues Trail in April/May 2014. The paintings will be exhibited in London in the Spring of 2015 at Wimbledon Fine Art, 26th April – 10th May 2015.

I have also published a book entitled ‘Passport to Paint ‘ celebrating forty years of painting and travelling the world . I have tried to compile a selection of work that gives a true feeling of the growth and transitions of my work over this length of time . The book contains over 350 full colour plates of paintings that portray over seventy countries . Each of these countries gave rise to exhibitions mainly in London but several in other European capitals, plus New York, Los Angeles, and several more recently in Barbados. The book is available as a limited edition of only 100, dated ,numbered and signed and available only through myself. It is not available in the shops. It sells for £175 a copy as a collectors item.
Since the very sad demise of Cork Street (The bastion of British Fine Art Galleries) where I have exhibited for the past twelve years. Developers have moved in and sadly the galleries are having to relocate, consequently it is a waiting game for many artist’s to view the outcome. Fortunately I do not rely upon galleries but I do like to exhibit as I have done for the past forty years on an annual basis when and where possible.

I am continue working in my London studio every day at present but hope to also be working back in Barbados in the near future with a view to another major exhibition there in 2016/17. I hope to produce another large exhibition for London also in 2015/16.

The book I have published ‘Passport to Paint’ is I hope to be a teaser to eventually achieve a publishing deal for my autobiography which I have virtually completed . This will not only feature my paintings and related travels but the stories that go along with them and how they manifested themselves into ‘paintings’.