andrew hewkin

After completing several commissions following my 2017 Barbados watercolours exhibition at Holders Plantation,entitled ‘Postcards from Barbados’, I travelled to Corsica – a Mediterranean island of untold beauty and incredible diversity. I was stunned by its history and its landscape.

Eleven canvases evolved from this visit (along with many drawings and watercolor studies)

In this part of the Mediterranean I found the high key light and colour exciting and it rejuvinated my desire to return to the north-west coast of the Italian mainland.

I spent several weeks travelling up and down the coast making specific studies of this ‘sparkling jewel-like light’ which culminated in a further eleven canvases.

At the end of the year I decided to head back to Asia, to Kerala in Southern India, for a complete change of palette. This trip produced another four canvases (one of which was sold at auction for ‘Childline’ – the child support charity I have worked with for many years)

In retrospect I realised that the new collection of paintings that will be shown in London from May 20th at Wimbledon Fine Art until the 2nd June 2018, were predominantly governed by light, although colour is obviously a very strong element in my work light was the overriding factor, hence the title for the new collection being “The Diary of Light” collection.

In these paintings I see nothing tenebrous; it is the tranquil and senseless beauty of matter that appears to me and the metaphysical objects that I use to enhance the overall feeling of serenity. The precision of their colour and exactness of their dimensions enhance a harmony that gives a ‘tranquil quietness’ we all strive to achieve or witness in these days of social media, transparency, hypocracy and self importance.

I re-arrange landscapes and still life to accommodate a mood that suits this ‘metaphysical awareness’ and hopefully stirs emotions of memories in others.

The power and surprise of paint never lets me down. It has been a golden episode for my work and I have enjoyed everywhere and everything I have witnessed and recorded, which I hope is reflected in my paintings.


Andrew Hewkin March 2018.