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  • Breakfast on the beach
  • The Optimist; (the calm before the storm)
  • The Vendetta (kissing castles in the sand – Corsica)
  • Even oranges cast shadows (Rappalo)
  • Extremely eccentric prawn seeking recognition
  • Satsuma sunrise (Mallorca)
  • Those hazy crazy lazy days of summer (Corsica)
  • The Quintessential Busby Berkeley prawn cocktail (Corsica)
  • The elusive leopard skin Corsican pig called ''Truffle''
  • The Ultimate voyeur (between the Devil and the deep blue sea) (Corsica)
  • Close to the edge ,seeking tranquility (Corsica)
  • The road to Tamborine mountain
  • Solitude under an ever changing sky
  • Together we stand, divided we fall
  • Liquid sunshine
  • Its been 11 hours and 31 days
  • Behind every successful man there is a weeping woman
  • Quintessential Caribbean